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Wood blinds are 2” horizontal blinds that can make your home appear more comfy and inviting. My favorite part about wood blinds is that they add a natural beauty that cannot be found elsewhere.

The wood is stained in a way that makes each piece look unique. This combined with the natural beauty of wood makes wood blinds very attractive for many people.

The only downside to them is that they can be more costly than other types of blinds. You can go with faux wood blinds if that is the case but keep in mind that they do not replicate the beauty of a real wood blind.

I can tell you that wood blinds are great because I actually have some in my kitchen. The combination of the wood blind along with the kitchen cabinets makes the entire kitchen more appealing. I tried to create a natural looking kitchen and the wood blinds helped me create it.

So if you are looking for wood blinds remember that they will add a natural beauty that cannot be matched by anything else. They will also be a little more expensive than regular blinds but I think they are more than worth it.