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Vertical blinds are some of the most popular window coverings available because they are durable and can fit into almost any budget.

Some manufacturers are now making vertical blinds with different types of materials which fit into almost any room décor. The best thing about vertical blinds is that they are very functional. A vertical blind is made of three main parts. The first is the track.

The track runs horizontally across your window or door opening. The track is usually made up of aluminum and comes in neutral colors. The second main parts are the carriers. These run from left to right on the track and serve the purpose of carrying the slats.

The slats are the third main part of a vertical blind. They are usually about 3 inches wide and run vertically. They are connected to the carriers which run on the track. The blind is operated by controlling the slats by sliding them together or apart.

You can also twist the slats and this affects how much light is let in. Slats are usually made up of PVC or a plastic type material. Some companies now offer other types of materials for slats and this makes your choice even better.