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Blinds are very important for your home because they will offer protection from the sun and privacy. There are lots of different styles of blinds and some are vertical blinds and horizontal blinds.

The vertical blinds are made up of panels that run vertically and join on a track. The panels can be twisted and slid on the track from left to right based on your preference. These are common for sliding doors. Horizontal blinds run horizontally and are made up of wood or faux wood panels.

The most common panel size is 2” but there are others available. This type of blind is one of the most commonly found in the United States.

These are the two most common styles of blinds. They each serve the purpose of protecting you and your home’s interior from the sun’s harmful rays. A great thing about them is that you can choose how much light to let in.

They are also very inexpensive. All of these factors combine to make them the most popular window coverings around. You can find great pricing on them if you just shop around. As you can see, blinds are great and almost necessary for any home.