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The main purpose of blackout shades is to block out light. They are sometimes called room darkening shades. You can find them in bedrooms, theater rooms, and other places where no light is preferred.

Blackout shades are available in two main fabric styles. The first is a vinyl type material that is also the least expensive. This type of material has a plastic type of feel and look to it. It is inexpensive and easy to clean.

For these reasons, it is very popular especially if there are pets or children around. You can find them in mostly neutral colors but some places might have more vivid colors available.

The other type of blackout available is a fabric style material. This material is a favorite for its luxurious look and feel. You should expect this to be a little more expensive than the vinyl style because of the type of material. It is also a little harder to maintain.

For this reason you should try to avoid them if you know they will come in contact with small children or pets. Fabric blackout shades are available in a variety of colors and patterns to match all types of décor. Just make sure to look around.